What is your greatest gift?

Green Orchid Bee (Euglossa dilemma)
Green Orchid Bee (Euglossa dilemma) (Photo credit: bob in swamp)


It’s one of the most important questions you can ask yourself.


If you know it, you have everything. If you’re not sure, your whole life will follow and reflect that uncertainty.


It’s the purpose for which you were born. And when you’re creating this specific value in the essentially unique way that only YOU can really create, only then will you feel peace.


Fear and uncertainty are the gates and walls that surround this path. They are as much a part of the journey as the peace and love that flows out of you when you are one with your passion. Fear points you in the right direction. Uncertainty nods that you are indeed in the right place.


The other option is to sedate yourself. You can accept what others believe on the basis that they can’t all be wrong.


Asking too many questions might scare people. People might get uncomfortable if you explore non-traditional questions and ways of being.


No one will feel uncomfortable if you don’t venture outside of what they think you’re supposed to be. If you just follow orders, everyone around you will be happy.


Except for you.


You’ll be dead inside.

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