The Treasure Trail of Life

You want happiness, health and peace. You want awesome, juicy relationships. You want wisdom. You want power and influence. You want $MONEY$.

So at some point, you put two and two together and realize that there are some basic equations in life in order to enjoy more of these things.

It takes ENERGY to manifest these.

The more energy you put in, the more you get back. But you gotta keep putting that energy in because it doesn’t always come back how you’d expect!

Yesterday I spent 8 or so hours messing around with one of my websites. I couldn’t get in touch with my website developer for the information I needed, so, resorting to Google, I read through tens of articles, blogs, forums and help-sections of different websites, looking for answers to solve my problem. (Raise your hand if you’ve been there ;p).

From one website I’d learn a little something that would make me search for something else. Then from that clue, I’d start reading up on another idea. Maybe that idea would get me closer, maybe not, but eventually, after hours of investment, I got exactly what I was looking for! The successful feeling was fabulous, as you can probably imagine. And now, I’m ready to start looking for my next clue, haha.

It got me thinking: if you take a little snippet of your life, maybe, for positivity’s sake, a day where you feel pride and accomplishment from your activities, observe that it COULD be a metaphor for your life.

Your life will be like a treasure trail. You’ll be constantly going from one clue to the next in an exciting journey of frustration and triumph over and over again. It’s exciting because there’s always more, there’s always another story, always another opportunity to experience bliss.

And as your consciousness increases, and as you begin vibrating at a higher frequency on this upward spiral of growth and acceptance, of integrity and love, every day, even more, you embrace the treasure trail for what it is: the most goddamn incredible gift ever.

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