Are You In Touch With Your Purpose?

If you’re asked about what you want to do in life, what is your purpose, your mission and your goals, if that picture in your head consists mainly of you surrounded by cooler toys, then chances are, you’re disconnected from your purpose.

However, if when describing your purpose and vision of the future, you talk about what you are DOING on a daily basis, who you are helping, what kind of difference you are making for the people you are helping, now you’re onto something.

The cool thing about all this, is that usually, when you are providing massive value to the people you’ve chosen to help, the toys come anyway.

It’s this shift in understanding and therefore focus, which makes all the difference.

People like us who believe we have a purpose live longer. We’re happier, as well. Because just “surviving” is not fun. Surviving is extremely tiresome.

So what are you doing all of this for? Why do you get out of bed in the morning? Because if it’s not for something bigger than “just getting through another day” or “to put food on the table” then chances are, you’re tired as fuck. Your steam is running out. And I am so passionate about you NOT having that feeling I almost cry.

If that is you, if you’re lost and wondering what else is there…. well, make your purpose right now to FIND OUT. And as hard as it may be, I promise you, it’s worth it to get back on the boat going somewhere that seems like it just might be exciting.

You might discover that this anticipation and hope alone is enough.

With love and compassion,



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