If you’re not doing a daily gratitude practice, where the fuck have you been!?

Aside from the fact that every religion extols the virtues of gratitude, recent studies have shown that a daily gratitude practice even for just 5 minutes can increase your happiness levels 25%.

If you’re eating healthy, working out, associating with positive people who challenge you, getting out of your comfort zone and a million other things all the time, but NOT doing this, you’re missing out!

It’s super simple.

Take 5 minutes and out-loud say what you’re grateful for. I like to mention something from each of the four categories of People, Opportunities, Experiences, and Things (POET). I’m not sure where that’s from, but it’s what I’ve been using for a while.

Or do it with a friend! That’s even better. It’s almost like an instant mood change, and it’s fun.

Remember that getting where you want to go takes energy, and you’re either moving forward or backwards, all the time.

This is one thing that can keep moving you forward.

So on that note, I’m grateful for this awesome platform, my blog here and the internet, as an opportunity to share positivity and inspiration.

What are you grateful for?

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