You’ll Never Be Done!

Retirement is a myth. It’s a lie told to you by people who try to appeal to your monkey brain wish that one day you’ll be done.

The truth is, that as long as you are alive, you are not done.

Life takes energy.

Life takes effort.

Life takes MONEY (read energy).

Now you might say, “Come on, Aaron! You know that there is such a thing as retirement! One day, I’m going to retire.”

Well, let me ask you something. Then what? What will you do with your time?

Maybe you’ll even have saved up enough money to be able to live extravagantly well. However, you’re still going to have to brush your teeth if you want to keep them clean. You’ll still have to take out the trash if you want to keep your house smelling good. You’ll still have to work out conflicts and misunderstandings in your relationships if you want to grow in them.

There is no such thing as maintenance. You can not maintain your optimal circumstances at all times.

You’re either growing, or you’re dying.

So accept the fact that you’ll never be done until you die. Start taking even better care of your health, your goals, your relationships, your self… live as if you”ll have something special to give back to people for THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.

Cuz, son, you ain’t done ’til you die.

Love & Peace,


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