“Don’t Be Nervous” is Horrible Advice


You know when you’re actually brave enough to admit that you’re nervous about something? Maybe a speech or some type of performance? You open up, doing the right thing, feeling and expressing your nervousness to someone you trust, and then they come back and say, “Don’t be nervous.”

Wow. Fuck that.

Whatever you resist persists. So the more you resist your nervousness, the more you’ll have it.

Sure, maybe your friend means well, maybe they’re thinking about how they’ll love you no matter how you end up doing so it doesn’t make logical sense for you to be nervous.

However, the person saying “Don’t be nervous” is no more qualified to give you psycho-somatic advice than a poor person is to give you advice about money.

Here’s a better pointer: BE NERVOUS. If you’re feeling it, then really feel it. Breathe your breath into it and accept that feeling as all that exists.

Because until you accept what is there, there will never really be room for anything else.



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