You Make The Rules For What To Feel


You know the feeling when you win a good game of beer pong? It’s a good feeling! Isn’t it interesting how your brain literally concocts the exact chemicals to make you feel good after you win.

What’s going on here is that you have set the rules for how you feel. You have told your brain before beginning the game: If I win, give me feel-good chemicals. If I lose, give me feel-bad chemicals.

You make the rules. I repeat, YOU MAKE THE RULES.

What are your rules for feeling happiness, gratitude and self-esteem in other areas of your life? If you haven’t mapped them out consciously, rest assured that they have been mapped out by your non-conscious mind. And they might not be rules you would have consciously chosen.

Finish this sentence stem: In order for me to feel happy–

For a lot of us, here’s an example of what an everyday rule might look like: In order for me to feel happy, I must be financially sound.

But is that really the best rule to make? Does that rule work? Or is there a BETTER rule I can change this to?

A bit counter-intuitively, recent studies confirm that success is a result of being happy, not the other way around.

So if we’re waiting to be happy until we have success, we’re probably setting ourselves up for grave disappointment.

Let’s try to change some of our rules, whether conscious or un-conscious, that might be holding us back.

How about this rule that I’m guilty of so often: I’ll love myself when__________. Yikes! That sounds like a dangerous rule for existence.

Evaluate your criteria for feeling the emotions you want to feel. The supercomputer between your ears is waiting to give you everything you want, as soon as you give it permission to.



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