Shed Your False Beliefs


I believe the purpose of life is three-fold:

1) To grow

2) To serve our fellow creatures

3) To experience life

When we grow, we have more to offer to others. When we offer what we can and serve others, we feel significance and meaning. And when we feel that our lives are meaningful, we enjoy the experience much more.

I feel gratitude and love as similar feelings. In other words, I haven’t been able to clearly feel, define or distinguish any differences in the way I experience love or gratitude.

Fulfillment and peace have different flavors or hues to them for me than gratitude or love. I would say fulfillment and peace are less intense but deeper and slower moving.

When we are willing to examine our beliefs, to clearly define what it is we want, and to consistently move toward those desires, we experience a good feeling inside.

When we’re willing to face the terrifying uncertainty of pursuing our passions and having our basic beliefs challenged, we are becoming more at peace with reality, with everything. The more false beliefs we shed, the more our capacity for love will grow.

Love cannot be given or taken. Only offered and shared.

So who are you becoming today?

Because who you are becoming is who you are.



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