Becoming A (Better) Producer Of Value


A producer creates something of value and offers his “produce” to others. Whether or not they choose to “consume” it is often a reflection of the value of that product.

I believe it is the creators, the producers who are having the most fun. They are, after all, providing the value for the consumers. Of course, in certain areas, we are consumers and in certain other areas, perhaps, producers.

For example, one of the ways I currently produce and create value is by inspecting homeowners’ roofs, facilitating the insurance claim process, and managing the roof replacement project.

Another way I produce value is by writing these blog posts!

The first activity results in people giving me money for my services. This second action doesn’t result in money back to me, but still has intrinsic value to me, not yet represented by an external representation of value (i.e., money). That intrinsic value includes an opportunity for self-discovery, clarification of my thoughts, and the important practice of offering my experience and insight to others.

I’m so grateful for this platform to express myself. It is a practice of courage, diligence, and integrity, among many other skills and virtues. Maintaining a blog like this can also be a learning and refining practice, as long as I am willing to observe the results and be open to feedback. I am always looking for better ways to communicate and to say what I mean (and mean what I say) in the most effective and authentic ways possible.

Here’s the deal and the point: I’m ready to step up my game to begin producing more, offering more value than ever. I’m starting with where I am, with what I know, with the resources that I currently have, and going from there. I will create what I can and offer it up to the internet surfers, to the streets, to the ones willing to listen.

I’ve attempted a couple times to make video blogs and I’ve been pretty disgusted with my attempts so far, but I’m going to try again.

I want to create. To produce. To start things. To make things happen. So I’m going to do the only thing I know how to do and give it my best shot. Over and over again. I’m stepping up my creating and production game.

How can I offer more value?




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