Will You Be My Giant Question-Mark Brother?


Dear Beautiful Friend,

The fact that you are here, reading these words, living your life on this planet in this galaxy in this universe at this moment in time defies every statistical probability ever imagined by every statistics scientist in India. (And that’s a lot of statistics scientists.)

And because you are alive, you have one assignment: Live well.

Now, who are you going to allow to define for you what it means for you to live well?

Are you going to leave the answers to religion? To your parents? To people who are really loud and shout to you that the One and Only True Patriarchal God told them how to live and now they’re here to pass that knowledge on to you?

If you’re reading this, I have a hunch that you’re the type of person who isn’t going to stand for unconsciously living out the pitiful and highly failed programming of your government, your culture, your state-sponsored  17+year education curriculum, or even of your friends and family, who, in spite of their good intentions, are probably also pre-programmed and indoctrinated with unconscious value-systems and grossly unexamined habits of living and thinking and of abdicating the responsibility of awareness.

YOU are not interested in settling for that shit.

YOU have the power to choose what it means to live well for YOU. YOU define your own morality–what is right or wrong. This is your birthright and one of your distinctly greatest capacities as a functioning human being.

As for me, I am certain that I exist and that I AM alive. And because of this, I have made the choice to learn what it means for me to live well. In other words, I choose to daily ask the question: How do I live well? What does it mean for me to live well when I’ve only got one life that I know of?

And since the answers to these Most Important Questions are often unclear, I have chosen to live with the questions for as long as it takes. I have chosen to indefinitely suspend this highly desirable degree of certainty, for the sake of brutal and uncompromising intellectual honesty.

I am a giant question mark.
(Am I a giant question mark?)
I am a giant question mark.

Will you come with me? Will you be my life-sized question-mark brother on this crazy fucking journey? For as long as it takes?

Because I’d love that.


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