My Dragon is Now A Polar Bear

IMG_4417Last night I dreamt of a great white polar bear in my grandparents’ front yard.

I’ve been dreaming of demons and dragons for a while, so it was nice to have the polar bear. He didn’t look nearly as mean.

I think it’s a result of all the “awareness” work I’ve been doing over the last couple years. Learning that all my emotions have important messages and they’re all worth honoring and feeling.

All your emotions are coming from the wisdom in your body with a message. You can choose to remove your awareness, or you can listen.

It doesn’t mean it’s telling the whole truth or the whole story, but you don’t really get a choice in experiencing the effects. If you choose to remove your awareness, believe that those sensations will keep speaking in other ways.

For example, you feel angry because someone is late for an appointment with you. You could just “be positive” and focus on sunshine and goddam rainbows and fairy wings, or you can be brave and sit in your anger. Feel it. Breathe into it.

Now you’ve “listened.”

Now you’ve given yourself a chance to work with your operating system and rewrite the rules for what makes you angry in the future. Or you may choose to leave your “rules” as they already are. (For example, your rule might have been: when someone is late for an appointment with me, I feel angry.)

But you don’t get to do that unless you’re willing to feel the anger first. To feel whatever it is that arises in the moment.

I revere your courage to feel the intensity of the present moment.

Because most of us have unresolved wounds lurking in our present moment experience.

It’s worth it to get some “coaching” around all this. After all, if you’ve been unskilled at all this in the past, wouldn’t it make it easier to have someone who’s more skilled in it to guide you along the way?

The present moment is often so intense. So full of sensation and wonder.

Will you enter into the present moment with me?

I love you!




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