3 Ways That Getting a Sales Job Can Change Your Life


Breaking News: Most people suck at sales, and it always sucks to be on the receiving end of some sucky salesperson’s sucky fucking salespitch.

But here’s the deal, love, when it comes to making money, you’re either making sales or you’re WORKING FOR SOMEONE who makes the sales for you.

You are not in business until sales are being made. And someone has got to do the selling.

So why do so many of us shy away from sales? Why do so many of us proclaim shitty beliefs like, “I don’t like sales” or “sales is just not my thing.”

Sales might not be your thing. But what about job interview skills, people skills, and COMMUNICATION SKILLS? Are any of those important or useful to you at all?

One of the reasons you might walk into that job interview nervous as fuck is because you have little to no experience selling anything at all, and now you’ve got to somehow magically know how to sell YOURSELF!?

Selling is a skill, my friend. It’s a communication skill. And like all other skills, it can be trained. And after being in sales for a decade, I can tell you that the rewards of having excellent communication skills are BOUNTIFUL.

So here are 3 ways that sales can change your life:


In sales, when you work harder and smarter, you make more money.

The problem is that most of us don’t push through the learning process until our brains figure it out for us.

But if you’re willing to persist, you’re going to eventually figure it out and make WAY more money than you would have by WORKING FOR SOMEONE who’s making the sales for you. You CANNOT increase your income working harder and smarter for an hourly wage. Unless you call a $0.50 raise every 6 months an increase in income.

I don’t. That’s fucking bullshit. $20 more a week?! (before taxes)

In a mediocre sales job you close 1 more sale and make $500-1000 more per week. I repeat, a MEDIOCRE sales job. $20 vs $1000.

It takes 50 weeks of $20 to equal $1000. There are 52 weeks in a year. That’s a year vs a week!

A $0.50 raise is disgusting, insulting and pathetic. But we just bend over and take it sometimes, don’t we? Do you just love it in the ass like that?


Your level of income will seldom exceed your level of personal development.

And when you meet thousands of people, you start to see the patterns. You see the patterns of communication in yourself and in them.

You start to ask better questions.

You start to see through the bullshit. Through your own bullshit little fearful beliefs and the bullshit excuses and beliefs of others. You start to develop more empowering beliefs. Your intuition becomes incisive.

And just like developing any other skill, if you’re committed, you get to fall on your face over and over until you figure out how to stop falling so damn hard.

Give yourself some patience and compassion throughout this process, please!

When a baby learns how to walk, do you expect it to just jump right up and start running around? NO! Of course not! That little fucker’s got to learn how to sit, then crawl, then wobbly stand-glide…. all the way through the whole process.

Do you ever see that baby fall down and say, “Well, I guess this one’s just going to be a CRAWLER! I guess walking is just not his thing. He fell down! You know what that means… He’s just not a good walker!”


But somehow we find ourselves using this exact same line of reasoning  with ourselves when learning a new skill.

I want you to realize that selling is a skill, and if you’re not good at it, then that’s just how it is and you won’t ever be good at it unless you make a decision to GET GOOD AT IT.

And it can be a crucible, baby.

I’ve been in sales for almost a decade now, and it can be brutal sometimes.

I’ve cried. I’ve laughed and shouted with joy and elation. I’ve gotten angry, frustrated, confused and even ashamed at my lack of competence at times. I’ve also persisted with dogged determination from one no-sale to the next no-sale for WEEKS at times.

But after all this time and practice, I’m starting to master the process. And guess what? It’s fucking awesome. It is. fucking. awesome.

It’s awesome to know that I can go out and MAKE MONEY HAPPEN. I can go out confidently knowing that I’m going to help people get something that they probably weren’t even thinking about before that’s going to be valuable to them and MAKE A DIFFERENCE FOR THEIR LIVES and then I get financially rewarded as a result.

And no one can take away that confidence from me. I’ve earned it.

And so can you. I know it.


Like I wrote in the beginning of the article, you’re not in business until you make a sale. If you dream about having your own business one day–helping people in your own unique, beautiful way, you won’t EVER have a business unless you’re selling something.

So make a decision to learn how to sell masterfully.

There are always sales jobs available. So you can start right now.

Step into the crucible of communication.

Refine your ability to CONNECT with people, to BUILD TRUST with people, to bring VALUE to people’s lives. That’s what good selling is all about, y’all!

I believe in you. I believe you can have everything you really want.

So if you want it, come and fucking get it.




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