A Flower, a Quote & a Poem I Wrote


Today’s post is a collection of a few thoughts, one of my favorite quotes of all time, and a poem to the feminine essence.

First, the flower:

The pictures above are of me with my butternut squash plant I’m growing in my apartment courtyard. It took around a month for the flower to open. It started as a seed which I’ve been watering and tending. And then “magically,” “overnight” there bloomed a flower, just this morning.

[In case you’re wondering, I put “magically” and “overnight” in quotations to emphasize that the ideas of “magic, overnight” successes are really just myths! Of course, anything of value takes time, energy and focus to manifest.]

The quote:

“The secret to living is giving.” -Anthony Robbins

Anthony Robbin’s latest book Money: Master the Game really spoke to my soul on the philosophy of money, giving and life in general. He emphasizes the power of shifting from the mindset of a “go-getter” to being a “go-giver.” Oh yeah, and he shares his insights and transcripts from interviewing 50 of the world’s most financially successful people. (Think billionaires like Ray Dalio and Charles Schwab).

The poem:

This morning I started reading Open Her by Karen Brody. She writes about how women are like gardens, which when tended to lovingly and patiently can blossom and grow. I’m only a couple chapters into the book, but it’s already been life-changing.

And it inspired me to write a poem.

Confessions To The Feminine

All this hate in my heart
All this fear in my soul
I’m working so hard
And I still don’t feel whole

I imagine you can feel it
And I’m sorry if it tolls
I’d tell you I’ll be good soon
But this moment now is the gold

I’ll keep doing what I can
Fuck it, I love being a man
To create, serve and observe
Maybe you’ll still see who I am

Your radiance is perfect
Your darkness is pure
Your cheekbones tell me stories
I adore your scent and curves

Your joy is my treasure
Your heart is my forest
Your intuition my sage
Come, love, let us explore

My love is demanding
See, I want everything
I want your pain and your joy
And anything you can bring

I’m inspired by your essence
So I offer you my presence
My patience and dedication
To serve your respiration

To your breath and to your system
To the parts of you yet imprisoned
Your beauty fills my vision
Your ecstasy is my mission

In love and service,


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