You Are A Sponge Of Your Environment


Why is it that there is such a diversity in the beliefs of “Christians”? Why are certain geographic regions of the world mostly Muslim, Buddhist, Christian, Jewish, Hindu, etc? Why do we call the southeast of the United States the “Bible Belt,” and if you’re from Saudi Arabia, chances are that you’re a Muslim believer?

It’s because we mostly do and believe what we are expected to do and believe by those around us. We are sponges of our environments.

Thinking for oneself is truly rare.

Most of the time as humans we simply adopt the beliefs, habits and choices which are expected of us. I call that the blind leading the blind.

Why is thinking for oneself so rare?


Because we are afraid of fear and uncertainty.

If we humble ourselves enough to ask questions, then we also face the uncertainty of unknown answers and unknown future circumstances in light of what might be discovered.

It’s the proverbial “leap of faith” into the dark tunnel. Like in the movie Indiana Jones and the Holy Grail when he steps out into the open air above the apparent plunge into dark oblivion. We must be ready to die for the answers, if we would have them.

We must be ready to die because that’s what it FEELS like when we take that leap of faith into the darkness.

Usually we won’t die, but it might feel like we will. And that’s called fear.

The problem with fear is mostly our relationship to it. Do we think that fear is bad? What did JFK mean when he said that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself?

Maybe he meant that if we are afraid of encountering fear, then we will be in an unhelpful place. If we believe that fear is bad or evil, then we won’t have a close relationship with it. We will shy away from it. We will not shine our lights into the darkness for fear of the fear.

But is fear really the enemy?

See, what most people do is we simply adopt the beliefs held by our peers and our cultures.

But what happens when we discover that commonly held beliefs are just lies?

Like when we do some digging and recognize that vaccines are not what they are advertised. Like when we realize that genetically engineered food is destructive to nature. Like when we realize that certain “drugs” from huge pharmaceutical companies are “legal” and yet they are killing millions of people silently, while the drugs that really work (like cannabis) are criminalized.

What do we do when we start waking up to the truth that we have been lied to?

We spread the truth. That’s what we do. We talk about it publicly and we stand for what is good for what upholds LIFE.

Throughout the last 2 millennia,  Christianity as a religion has murdered dissenters left and right. More recently, in the last couple hundred years, Christians have lessened their terrorizing of society, and now extremely radical Islamists are known as the greater terrorists of society.

But maybe we’re just blithely accepting the cultural narrative spread by the mainstream media about who the real “bad guys” are. Maybe we are being lied to much more than we know.

As humans, we operate at the limits of our understanding. Give us truth, and we will act on that truth if we know that it is truth. Give us lies, and if we know no better, we will believe the lies as if it were truth!

Why is the USA aiding “rebels” in Libya? Who are the rebels and against whom are they rebelling? Look this shit up on YouTube and stop believing everything CNN and FOX and BBC are telling you. These media outlets are mouthpieces of their countries’ governments.

This is also why the free, uncensored internet is our greatest hope right now. Because we the people of the world can create true content and reporting from concerned citizens unaffiliated with the personal interests of unaccountable world oligarchies and hegemonies.

Let us expose ourselves to excellence by way of a greater morality and cease being puppets of the propaganda produced by despots and religious interest groups, be they muslim, christian or alien.

Let us define for OURSELVES a morality of life, and stand up against that which we know is the way of death and suffering.

Let us shine the light of our perception into the darkness of suffering and evil, so that we may truly know good from evil.

This is one of the biggest controlling lies of the Judaeo-Christian-Islamic ethic: Tasting the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, as if knowing right from wrong were a bad thing. As if knowing good from evil were bad. Let us look at good and evil in order to grapple with it, in order to know what we support and condemn. We must, as human beings. It is who we are. And when we deny ourselves knowing good from evil, we will always be controlled by those who would dictate their personal morality upon us.

This is a difficult task, but we are here and we have no other choice if we want to be free.

Pick up the key to the prison cell of your perception and unlock the door. Understand that asking questions is the method of thinking. Asking questions is how you think. Which questions do you have? Which questions are you courageous enough to ask?

Feel your fear and enjoy the pleasure of the uncertainty and exploration. Like a star-wars battleship plunging at light speed into the darkness of unknown galaxies, be grateful for the adventure of your life, and know that you can know good from evil.

Shine the light of your awareness into the caverns of your uncertainty. Relish the delicious “fear” of discovery, the juicy excitement of brazenly trailblazing into the great unknown.

And do not concede uncertainty as truth, if you are not yet fully certain.

Stay tenacious in your quest for the truth, for as long as it takes.

Be uncompromising. Be patient.

And the truth will set you free.



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