Be ALIVE For You And For Me

The purpose of life is to be fully alive, which is essentially to grow and to love.

The truth is that I’m doing it for me AND I’m doing it for everyone.

There are two paths in life we can take: The easy road that gets harder, or the hard road that gets easier.

There is simply no sustainable way to continue choosing the hard path that gets easier unless our motivation comes from a source greater than ourselves.

The most powerful force on earth is love. Love is what connects us to each other and to life itself. It is what lives in our hearts and electrifies the cells in our bodies with energy and potential to create and to dance and to simply BE ALIVE.

When we shift our focus from “I’m doing this because I want to be great” to “I’m doing this for me AND for everyone so that we can ALL be great” we find that we have deeper, longer-lasting motivation.

And it can seem paradoxical because, of course, I’m choosing the broccoli for ME. *I* want to have an awesome life. *I* want to have energy and focus and performance and competence.

But what I’m doing for me, I’m also doing for everyone.

I’m waking up early and doing my meditation and morning routines because I want to feel awesome for me AND for everyone.

Here’s the key: When I’m proud of myself and grateful for my existence and when I love myself deeply, it’s much easier to love others.

If I hate myself, it’s much harder to love others.

The world is a reflection of ourselves, and when we learn to take great care of ourselves, with so much kindness and compassion and patience, we end up treating the world the same way.

Of course, part of me never wants to work out or wake up early, or go to bed early. Part of me wants to lay on the sofa and eat Cheetos all day and watch TV. But that’s not the part of me that wants to be in community. That’s not the part of me that wants to actively participate in LIFE, in connection and in love.

When I’m focused on my community, on my family, on my people, I want to do what is best for me because I want to show up to my communities fully ALIVE and fully ready to be of service.

Here’ s my acronym for the practice of being ALIVE


None of it is worth it unless we’re doing it for ALL of us. I want to be awesome because I want to be an awesome part of this world. I want to be a valuable member of society, and that starts with valuing myself, my time, my integrity, my mission.

So my encouragement to you today is to continue supporting yourself outrageously well because the better you take care of yourself, the better you’ll take care of our world.



Surrendering To What Works

Here are a few things I do to increase my daily happiness levels.

I’ve noticed that eating my green vegetables every day improves my happiness levels around 20%. I particularly love the brassica family of veggies like broccoli, asparagus, brussels sprouts, cauliflower.

Doing my high intensity interval training run once weekly improves my general happiness levels around 25-30%. All I do for that is an all out sprint for 30 seconds followed by 90 seconds of walking–repeat 7x. It’s about a 15 minute, fairly brutal workout. But it’s quick and knowing I only do it once a week for a 25-30% increase in feeling good makes it worth it. I also use my Bulletproof Vibe for 7 minutes/day.

Getting to bed early enough to get 8-9 hours of sleep (my personal needs currently) improves my general happiness levels ANOTHER 20%.

Then, of course, there’s meditating, blogging, dancing, reading–all in addition to the essentials of work and social time, which add a few more percentage points of happiness.

Work and social time are hugely important to my happiness. I’m at least twice as happy when I’m working and spending time with my loved ones consistently.

When I live in alignment with what I know works, life works.

It’s all so simple on paper. Just do the thing, and life works, right? Well, I think so, most of the time.

What are the simple things that work for you? What’s not working for you?

Drop me a line and let me know!

The Quick Summary Of All We Know To Be True: Emotion

Our bodies collect the information from all of our experiences, and our emotions give us the split second summary of what is needed in the moment, based on three things: 1. All that collected information 2. The questions we are asking 3. What we want

Our thinking minds FOLLOW our emotional intelligence–not the other way around. Our minds generate reasons based on what the heart has already decided.

So when we can learn to FEEL the sensations in our bodies more subtly, more intimately, we develop an unfair advantage for getting what we want–especially when we couple that sensory awareness with real world experience, which can more accurately inform our emotions.

Our positivism lasts a bit longer when it is more closely aligned with reality.

Because if you’ve only seen 2 swans and both were white, then there’s no such thing as a black swan. Until you see a black swan, of course.

We all have different methods and modes of information gathering and interpretation. We’re all sponges of our environments. We soak it up, whatever it is.

If you’re born in Saudi Arabia, chances are you’ll be able give me excellent reasons for why Allah wants everyone to be a good Muslim.

If you’re born in the southeastern United States, chances are you’ll be able to give me great reasons why good people should join a church and believe in the blood sacrifice of Jesus.

If you’re born in South America, chances are you’ll be able to explain why being a Catholic and having socialist political leanings is the best way to live.

But the reasons come from a deeper source. They come out of needing an explanation for how you feel. Because how you feel informs how you think. And how you feel is based on your life experience.

So get in there ever more deeply. Experience much. Ask lots of questions.

Pay attention to the currents, the ebbing and flowing and rippling, to both the slick, quick running and the slow, almost imperceptible, glacier-like movements.

There’s so much information available.

And ALL of it helps us get to where we want to go. Where do you want to go? What do you want?

Chances are that you’ve already decided what you want and your mind has made up reasons to justify it.


I want to come more fully alive.

What do YOU want?

Showing Up

We are successful when we get what we want. And we get what we want by showing up.

When we show up consistently:
-to the bed when it’s bedtime
-to work when it’s grind-time
-to our relationships when it’s connect time
-to our meals when it’s mealtime
-to our books when it’s learn-time
-to our blogs when it’s create-time

When we lose another layer of our perfectionism, and simply commit to showing up consistently.

That’s when the magic happens.

It’s when we begin to get what we want.

And success feels fantastic, especially when we actually want that thing we’re pursuing.

I mention that because, of course, it’s easy to get lost and confused about what we *really* want.

What do you really want?



Heart Awareness

Life itself is conspiring to bring our awareness more fully into our hearts.

Everyone else wants different things for us. Almost everyone else has an idea of what would be best for everyone else.

But I’m the one with my heart, and I know. I’m deeply cultivating trust in my own heart from here.

I’ve lived with so much uncertainty for so long. And the pain of life has led me back to zeroing in on my own desire. –Not someone else’s idea of what “God’s desire” is for me either. My own desire, from my own heart.

If you want to believe our hearts are desperately wicked, then chances are you’ll live out that belief and make it come true.

My heart is where the love lives and where the desire lives, too.

I’m staying in there with that.

Let’s tap more fully into that power plant relentlessly beating life and love into our every cell. Let’s come more fully ALIVE.