Heart Awareness

Life itself is conspiring to bring our awareness more fully into our hearts.

Everyone else wants different things for us. Almost everyone else has an idea of what would be best for everyone else.

But I’m the one with my heart, and I know. I’m deeply cultivating trust in my own heart from here.

I’ve lived with so much uncertainty for so long. And the pain of life has led me back to zeroing in on my own desire. –Not someone else’s idea of what “God’s desire” is for me either. My own desire, from my own heart.

If you want to believe our hearts are desperately wicked, then chances are you’ll live out that belief and make it come true.

My heart is where the love lives and where the desire lives, too.

I’m staying in there with that.

Let’s tap more fully into that power plant relentlessly beating life and love into our every cell. Let’s come more fully ALIVE.

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