If Love Is The Truth

If the Truth is Love and Love is the Truth, then we truly have nothing to fear.

Let us investigate the nature of the truth with intrepid patience and perseverance!

Let us accept reality as it truly is with every fiber of our being!–NOT only with our heads, but also with our hearts and guts and every extending limb and follicle of our skin.

Let us embrace the gift of life as human beings! NOT partially as fractal human doings or human thinkings, or human sensings but as human BEINGS! capable of myriad expressions flowing out of this being.

Let us reorient from asking for only what we want out of life towards honoring our desires while ultimately surrendering to what LIFE IS ASKING OF US.

Let us continue to reintegrate and transform the wounds of our past into the opportunities for deeper service, compassion and leadership these wounds truly are.

Let us remember that ALL IS WELL in the universe! That we are perfect, free and infinitely resourceful as we continue to grow, expand, contract and transform, forever and ever.

Let us uphold LIFE as our fundamental standard of morality and the initiation of force as the beginning of evil.

Let us begin and end with wonder, gratitude, courage and justice.

And may we never lose our curiosity, for there is always more to be discovered!



Life Is Like A Garden

We may often find ourselves trying to escape the intensity of what we feel. (Or maybe that’s just me.)

Sometimes it just feels like too much, doesn’t it?

If our garden has overgrown with weeds and we still desire to have a beautiful, productive garden, we can choose to ignore the weeds or we can get to work.

And especially at first it may feel overwhelming.

“There are too many damn weeds in here!” “These weeds have completely taken over!” “There’s no chance!” Those are the limiting beliefs that have us turn away from tending and towards our pre-tending–pretending that there’s any other way to get true sustenance than the natural process of long-term nurturing, tending, observing, digging.

So we sack up. We start pulling out the weeds one by one. We enlist our friends, our coaches, our communities, our therapists, our pets, haha, whichever resources we can think of.

And eventually, we make a little progress. Then a little more. And a little more.

The weeds never stop growing altogether, but when we tend to them daily, we stay on top of them more easily.

And we keep growing, changing with the seasons, becoming something new.

Life is like our own little garden.

And we get to choose what grows there!

Be ALIVE today,


Someone Will Resonate With This!

I’m usually pretty scared making these posts.

I imagine people criticizing me for putting my thoughts and writing out there. I know this is not a helpful thought pattern at all!

However, as one antidote to that unhealthy pattern, I imagine that somewhere, someone will like what I’m saying.

Someone will say “Yeah, that makes sense.” Or at the very least, maybe they’ll throw me a “Good for Aaron.”

I have a tendency to be a “caretaker,” taking responsibility for others’ feelings and reactions. I think our whole culture has this tendency. That’s a topic for another post. I feel that potential strongly when I write.

But when I share myself, when I just say here I am–this is what I’m thinking and feeling, I’m writing for the ones who will resonate with it.

And for the ones who don’t resonate with it, well, I’d rather be weird than lonely.



Begin Well (Three to Thrive Morning Take-Off)

Anthony Robin’s 9 minute “three to thrive” routine is transformational. I learned it from his book Money: Master The Game, which I highly recommend.

It’s simply 3 minutes of gratitude
3 minutes of blessing people
3 minutes to write down 3 things to do for the day

And use those last three minutes to imagine how good you’ll feel having accomplished your three things to do.

It sets the focus and tempo for the day and frees us from having to wonder if we’ve been productive or not.

I’m back to using it every morning, and it works!

If we start the day knowing our objectives, and we meet our objectives, we win.

And last time I checked, winning feels awesome.



An Alternative to Growth

The alternative to growth seems clearly to be stagnation and death. And neither one of those FEEL good, do they?

Charles Fort, in The Book Of The Damned published in 1919 talks about that what is most nearly real is that which will last the longest.

So we seek that which is most nearly real. That which most resembles love. That which lasts quite possibly longer than its less real alternatives.

I just want to feel good, when it comes down to it. We all do. When we feel good, that means everything IS good. Isn’t it that simple?

The tricky part is in the sustainability of feeling good. Some things make us feel good for a few minutes, while others are painful immediately yet immensely gratifying later on. And it’s often those things which hold gratification LATER which allow us to feel best for the longest.

Things like proper exercise, diet, environment, reading books instead of watching youtube prank videos.

There are cheap, easy choices which cost much more in the long run. There will always be that alternative.

There is pain in life either way.

And in our human drive to maximize pleasure and minimize pain, it’s helpful to decide to take the pain on the front end.

We choose a pro-active pain strategy. We develop a love relationship with the front-end pain. We learn how to love it, or at least how to live with it.

And life gets better. Slowly, perhaps, but at least it’s not the procrastination of the same pain which collects its suffering with usurious interest.

It is what it is.