Someone Will Resonate With This!

I’m usually pretty scared making these posts.

I imagine people criticizing me for putting my thoughts and writing out there. I know this is not a helpful thought pattern at all!

However, as one antidote to that unhealthy pattern, I imagine that somewhere, someone will like what I’m saying.

Someone will say “Yeah, that makes sense.” Or at the very least, maybe they’ll throw me a “Good for Aaron.”

I have a tendency to be a “caretaker,” taking responsibility for others’ feelings and reactions. I think our whole culture has this tendency. That’s a topic for another post. I feel that potential strongly when I write.

But when I share myself, when I just say here I am–this is what I’m thinking and feeling, I’m writing for the ones who will resonate with it.

And for the ones who don’t resonate with it, well, I’d rather be weird than lonely.



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