If Love Is The Truth

If the Truth is Love and Love is the Truth, then we truly have nothing to fear.

Let us investigate the nature of the truth with intrepid patience and perseverance!

Let us accept reality as it truly is with every fiber of our being!–NOT only with our heads, but also with our hearts and guts and every extending limb and follicle of our skin.

Let us embrace the gift of life as human beings! NOT partially as fractal human doings or human thinkings, or human sensings but as human BEINGS! capable of myriad expressions flowing out of this being.

Let us reorient from asking for only what we want out of life towards honoring our desires while ultimately surrendering to what LIFE IS ASKING OF US.

Let us continue to reintegrate and transform the wounds of our past into the opportunities for deeper service, compassion and leadership these wounds truly are.

Let us remember that ALL IS WELL in the universe! That we are perfect, free and infinitely resourceful as we continue to grow, expand, contract and transform, forever and ever.

Let us uphold LIFE as our fundamental standard of morality and the initiation of force as the beginning of evil.

Let us begin and end with wonder, gratitude, courage and justice.

And may we never lose our curiosity, for there is always more to be discovered!



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