The Hardest Person To Love

There’s really only one person you must live with for the rest of your life: You.

And we have this choice, to LOVE ourselves or not.

And if love IS the truth, and the truth IS love, then inseparable to the commitment of loving ourselves fully and unconditionally is to accept each and every part of ourselves.

“Well, what if I don’t like this part of myself, Aaron?”

You don’t have to like every part of yourself, but if you’re going to LOVE yourself fully, you’ll need to learn how to accept it and to BE with it. That’s what it means to love something or someone, it means to be with it fully, in all it’s colors.

There’s a lot of confusion around what LOVE actually is. Most people imagine that love is a happy or even blissful feeling, but I disagree.

I believe that LOVE is the TRUTH whether it is happy or sad, whether it is pleasure or pain. Love is the act of being with what is, whether it’s our favorite color or not. Love is the whole spectrum of colors including black and white and all the colors in between.

“Love and light.” People use this phrase.

But what about darkness?

Isn’t darkness essential to our existence? Isn’t darkness intrinsic to who we are? Isn’t the universe made of mostly empty, dark space?

And is this darkness bad? Are black holes NOT LOVE?!? Is love only the sunshine and not the rain? Is love only the eating and not the shitting?

Or is it all a beautiful expression of Love, of God, of perfection.

And as we grow into alignment and acceptance of this terrific existence and the divinity which sources it, we experience what we are meant to be.

We are expressions of love, living to differing degrees in alignment with the principles of the universe, and as we learn how to welcome ALL of it and MORE of it, we become whom and what we are meant to be, ever more powerful as we surrender to the TRUTH which is LOVE.

We live and die as humans in this life. We live and die as the universe lives and dies.

And so the story continues, forever and ever, to infinity and beyond. A living story in which we have active roles.

Will you let that energize you or drain you?

Will you embrace the birth and death of existence in its terrific pleasure AND pain?

Will you say YES to what IS and let it power your spirit as it streams through your heart?

Because when you take care of yourself, you are equipped to take care of others, too. But you’ve got to learn how to take care of yourself first, how to love yourself first, how to set healthy boundaries and find freedom in discipline.

Be with yourself ever more deeply because that is the practice of love.

And when you learn how to love the hardest person to love, you may find it a little easier to love the rest of us.



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