Merry Winter Solstice! Tell Me About Your Dreams

Today I’m grateful for the power of my daily routine, for the sun entering Capricorn and for my love, desire and dream of being a professional life coach.

I’ve been reading The Prosperous Coach by Steve Chandler and Rich Litvin, on recommendation from a life coach friend. (Side note: It’s hilarious and awesome how it seems like almost everyone I know these days is a life coach or married to a life coach…!)

It’s also been awesome coaching a few people, too, now. I officially got my first paying client a few weeks ago, and I’m still coaching a few others for practice, for barter, etc.

There’s so much in the book about turning pro. About shedding the bullshit and doing the deep work. About the importance of having my own coach.

The past few weeks, I haven’t had a coach, and I can feel the drop, the absence of the increase in power, clarity and deep work. I’ve got it back on the schedule though. Whew!

God, it’s so important to have a coach.

Which top performer in ANY field doesn’t have a coach?

They ALL have coaches.

I am looking forward to my coaching session next week and to the new year, to having my life coaching sessions consistently again. It really is one of my top secret weapons.

Coaching with a great coach is a wonderful, magical thing.

And today, on the shortest light-day of the year, I’m looking forward to the light getting longer and to the beautiful possibilities in 2017.

In 2017 I want:

-To take the OneTaste Coaching Program (CP 13)
-To make $150K (which is only 12.5K/month or about 3k/week)
-To create my first 5 46-week clients at $9,900 each – (I have a dream to take the last 6 weeks off for the next few years, from the second week of November through the end of December, which leaves 46 weeks to work)
-To read 15+ books
-To deeply release some old traumas hanging around in my body
-To continue building AuthenticNC with the team

My current weekday daily routine looks about like this:

6:30 Wake-Hygiene incl oil-pull/skin-brush/60 second cold shower
7:00 Body meditation (50 min)
7:50 Bulletproof Coffee/Bulletproof Vibe/music (40 min total)
8:30 Three to Thrive (Tony Robbin’s morning ritual) 9 min
8:40 Read (50 min)
9:30 blog/video blog (30 min)
10:00 rest for 5 min/re-center/quick e-mail
10:10ish Head out tha door to my “bread and butter” job
1:00 lunch/power nap
2:00 back to that “bread and butta”
5:00 dinner
5:30 quick e-mail/rest for 5ish
6:00 two hours of coaching conversations *my coach on Mondays
8:00 Partner time / Orgasmic meditation / hot bath
9:00 Bedtime

Obviously, not every day will the schedule be perfect. Random meetings come up, gotta be flexible sometimes…

I like taking half a day off on Saturday and about 1pm doing my 15-minute HIIT run (30 second all out sprint followed by 90 seconds of walking, repeat x7). I take Sunday fully off to spend time with my woman and refresh with a different agenda.

Fully on, fully off.

What does your ideal daily routine look like?

What do you want in 2017?

What would your life look like if money weren’t an issue? How would you spend your time?

Tell me about your dreams.



P.S. I recently announced my desire to take the OneTaste Coaching Program (CP13) in San Francisco beginning this April, and I’m asking for YOUR help to get there. If you’ve ever thought about life coaching or would simply like to support my work click here.

25 Fun Things To Do That Don’t Require A Partner

When we love ourselves magnificently, people are automatically attracted to what we have and they want to be in relationship with us.

Sometimes we forget that we already have everything we need to be happy!

When we feel needy, like we don’t have everything we need already, people are often repelled from us. It’s a lot of pressure to put on someone else to make us happy. It’s not their job.

Here are 25 fun things to do that don’t require a partner:

  1. Play with yourself 😀
  2. Read
  3. Take a walk
  4. Make a blog/video blog
  5. Eat
  6. Meditate
  7. Think about your dreams, your possibilities
  8. Study a fun subject you want to learn more about
  9. Work out
  10. Sleep
  11. Hygiene (like skin-brush/oil-pulling/flossing) haha, might as well enjoy this one if you’re going to do it for the rest of your life!
  12. Take a hot bath (maybe my favorite!)
  13. Watch a movie or TV show (diminishing returns on this one, if you know what I mean).
  14. Self-date!
  15. Self-massage (note: can be easily combined with #1 😉 )
  16. Journal
  17. Play guitar or other musical instrument
  18. Listen to music
  19. Dance alone in your room (SELF-DANCE PARTY!!!)
  20. Sing
  21. Whistle
  22. Lay out in the sun (seasonal)
  23. Infrared sauna (got to have one tho, haha)
  24. Tarot cards
  25. Practice telling jokes

There are SO many ways we can have pleasure and enjoy our lives *without* a partner.

If you’re feeling needy or desperate, just remember that you’ve got everything inside you to give yourself all the joy you could ever possible want.

Having someone to share it with is a bonus.

Happy Wednesday.



P.S. I recently announced my desire to take the OneTaste Coaching Program (CP13) in San Francisco beginning this April, and I’m asking for YOUR help to get there. If you’ve ever thought about life coaching or would simply like to support my work click here.

How To Pull $14,000 Out Of Thin Air (A Future Case Study)

I took the Men’s Course with OneTaste in Austin, TX last weekend. I laughed, I cried (twice). And I was immersed in the heartfelt warmth of an elite group of courageous men and women who want the truth more than they want anything else.

People who want to be fully alive. Those are my kind of people! People who are willing to put their self-concept on the line, to let their ego get battered and bruised and shattered to smithereens a little.

These are not ordinary people.

Maybe the hardest thing in the world is for a human being to transform.

It requires the courage to face death.

I’m really not kidding at all, I hope you know that.

Our ideas about who we are–they’re so limited! And we will do almost anything to keep them surviving along like ragged zombies pushing against a rusty barbed-wire fence, guarding a treasure of rotten cabbages.

Me? I want to play a bigger game. I want to play the game where the stakes are higher, the rush is more intense. The fire is hotter. The water is deeper.

That’s why I came here, to earth, to be a fucked up person with all you fucked up people. 😉

But seriously.

I want to sign up for the OneTaste Coaching Program because I’ve never encountered another community, another movement more dedicated to the truth and dedicated to directly grappling with the most charged, most fucked up areas of human existence: sex, money & power.

Even just saying those words out loud sets some people off. I may have lost a few people just by writing those words. All 3 of them at the same time, too.

The spot of highest sensation. That’s where the juice is. Wherever you feel activated, nervous, tense…. that’s the guide. Go there. Stay there.

The sensation I’m talking about is in our bodies. Our bodies which, unlike our words, always tell the truth.

So over the next year, I’ll be putting out a couple vlogs a week. I’ll be doing much more life-coaching than I’ve ever done before.

I’ve got to find a way to create $14,000 out of thin air because that’s the price of tuition (before travel, room and board, another +/-$7k).

I don’t see all the details. I only see the next step. And I’m scared. I’m excited. I feel responsible, almost burdened. Can this really happen?

Who will get life coaching from me? Who will donate? How can I say yes to something I don’t know all the details of?!

Maybe I should continue playing the “safe, responsible” game where I ignore my deepest desires, and instead just stay with the lame corporate job with the reasonable health care plan, smoke weed, watch internet porn, eat too many carbs and whatever else I can do to numb the unremitting intensity of my desire, my insatiable lust for REAL LIFE.

By the way, it’s ok to have the lame corporate job as long as you’re ON THE WAY OUT. If you’ve got a corporate job you love, I’m not talking about you. I’m talking about the loads of people who hate their jobs, or don’t really like their jobs, and what they want is so much more.

It’s ok to use non-dream jobs as stepping stones, as long as they are temporary stepping stones, and we continually challenge ourselves to move more fully toward what we *really* want. You feel me?

I choose my desire. It doesn’t mean I ain’t scared. But it does mean I’m being real about what I want.

I’m asking life for more, because I want it. And because I feel that life is asking a whole lot from me.

I’m offering 6-session coaching packages for $1000 each. Each session is an hour. If you know anyone who might want some life coaching, please have them reach out to me!

In these sessions, we will tune into your body, into your desire, into your truth. We’ll excavate the layers of fear, stuckness, anger, shame, whatever may have you feeling smaller than you really are.

Of course, you are infinite.

We just forget our infinity from time to time, maybe for the joy of remembering…

We are all infinite. However, this life is finite. You are going to die. And my question to you is, how much do you want to live before you die? How ALIVE do you want to be? Do you want your wildest dreams to come true?

Me? I want to live just a little bit more, a little bit bigger, deeper, higher and wider.

I want to be fully ALIVE.

And I would love for you to come along with me!

If you or someone you know might want some life coaching, drop me a line at about what you want, about your dreams, and about what is standing in the way. All correspondence will be kept strictly confidential.

Much love and gratefulness to you.


P.S. Check out for more info about my life coaching style and what life coaching with me may be able to do for you!