25 Fun Things To Do That Don’t Require A Partner

When we love ourselves magnificently, people are automatically attracted to what we have and they want to be in relationship with us.

Sometimes we forget that we already have everything we need to be happy!

When we feel needy, like we don’t have everything we need already, people are often repelled from us. It’s a lot of pressure to put on someone else to make us happy. It’s not their job.

Here are 25 fun things to do that don’t require a partner:

  1. Play with yourself 😀
  2. Read
  3. Take a walk
  4. Make a blog/video blog
  5. Eat
  6. Meditate
  7. Think about your dreams, your possibilities
  8. Study a fun subject you want to learn more about
  9. Work out
  10. Sleep
  11. Hygiene (like skin-brush/oil-pulling/flossing) haha, might as well enjoy this one if you’re going to do it for the rest of your life!
  12. Take a hot bath (maybe my favorite!)
  13. Watch a movie or TV show (diminishing returns on this one, if you know what I mean).
  14. Self-date!
  15. Self-massage (note: can be easily combined with #1 😉 )
  16. Journal
  17. Play guitar or other musical instrument
  18. Listen to music
  19. Dance alone in your room (SELF-DANCE PARTY!!!)
  20. Sing
  21. Whistle
  22. Lay out in the sun (seasonal)
  23. Infrared sauna (got to have one tho, haha)
  24. Tarot cards
  25. Practice telling jokes

There are SO many ways we can have pleasure and enjoy our lives *without* a partner.

If you’re feeling needy or desperate, just remember that you’ve got everything inside you to give yourself all the joy you could ever possible want.

Having someone to share it with is a bonus.

Happy Wednesday.



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