Dragon Tail


Every single experience you’ve had in your life has prepared you for this moment right NOW. I often feel how true this is when speaking in public, when having a coaching conversation, or when approaching an attractive woman.

And maybe experience is the currency of life.

Some have referred to this idea of the sum of our life experiences using the metaphor of a Dragon Tail, as if those experiences follow us around, silently whispering the more intricate story behind the expressions on our faces and the ways we hold our bodies.

My intention in posting my “dragon tail” is to allow you the opportunity to get to know me better as a potential partner on your journey.

Here are some of the experiences that have shaped me into who I am today:

-Cold-approaching well over 1000 women during hundreds of nights (and sometimes days) at bars, clubs and social gatherings, during which rarely using alcohol or other drugs

-Going on multiple streaks of 70+ consecutive nights/days going to bars and clubs and other social venues, always approaching a minimum 5 or more women or groups of men & women each night, including my longest streak of 120+ days in a row

-Being homeschooled K-12 and graduating cum laude, with a major in International Business from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte (2011)

-Performing and playing violin as principle 2nd violins, for 9 years during grade-school, in youth symphony orchestras in Snellville, Georgia and Haifa, Israel

-Living in Israel 2.5 years as a teenager, learning to read, write and speak fluently in Hebrew, and a little Arabic and Spanish

-Holding office in Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity for 3 years, UNC Charlotte

-Facilitating the Iron Sharpens Iron Brotherhood weekly men’s support group for 2 years

-Two summers of starting and managing successful recruiting-based branch offices for a major kitchen cutlery brand which relied on entry-level sales by college students through in-home product demonstrations and self-generated referrals

-Training and motivating entry-level salespeople, conducting 20+ 3-day group sales training seminars and hundreds of one-on-one coaching calls and conversations

-Performing for 10 years as a top salesperson and sales trainer across 3 different industries

-Cultivating fulfilling relationships with many friends, communities and my family

-Writing a dozen or so songs on the guitar, performing occasionally at open-mic nights and more often just for my friends and family

-Performing comedy at open mic nights a few times

-Publicly singing Karaoke dozens of times

-Participating in improv groups a few times

-Recovering from adrenal fatigue

-Visiting Las Vegas 4x;  Boulder, CO; New England and most of the Eastern United States; Austin, TX (3.5 months); Los Angeles; Jamaica; Cayman Islands; Cozumel; Brazil; Israel (2.5 years); Prague;

-Meeting the Medium John of God for spiritual healing in Abadania, Brazil (2015)

-Hiking many trails in North Carolina and surrounding areas

-Investing hugely into personal development through getting group and one-on-one coaching, participating in various workshops, conferences, local business chapters and other organizations to study the art of being fully ALIVE

-Consuming hundreds of books, audio programs, videos and other resources on the subjects of peak performance, human optimization, psychology, philosophy, business excellence, etc.

-Practitioner of Orgasmic Meditation

-Facilitator with AuthenticNC, conducting group Authentic Relating games and practices

-Certified Bulletproof® Coach (September 2016)

-OneTaste Coach-in-training (March 2017)