We’re Perfect Growing Here

For most of us, it seems there is a distance between where we are and where we want to be. That’s not new information.

But do we accept that this will always be true if we want to grow?

We will NEVER be where we want to be unless where we want to be is where we already are.

People say, “I’m getting there.” “I’m learning.” “I’m on my way.” And I say, “When will this never not be true?” “Will you ever get there?”

I don’t think so. We won’t ever arrive unless we accept that we have already arrived.

And accepting that we’ve already arrived means we must let go of our desire to arrive.

How can we be more like the tree, which seems to grow and not protest, “I’m not where I want to be yet.”

So my invitation to us all is: Let’s practice being like the trees.

We’re perfect growing here just like this. Taking our sustenance in the day. Sleeping at night. Perfect, whole and complete just as we are growing.

We’re perfect growing here, just like this.



“Don’t Be Nervous” is Horrible Advice


You know when you’re actually brave enough to admit that you’re nervous about something? Maybe a speech or some type of performance? You open up, doing the right thing, feeling and expressing your nervousness to someone you trust, and then they come back and say, “Don’t be nervous.”

Wow. Fuck that.

Whatever you resist persists. So the more you resist your nervousness, the more you’ll have it.

Sure, maybe your friend means well, maybe they’re thinking about how they’ll love you no matter how you end up doing so it doesn’t make logical sense for you to be nervous.

However, the person saying “Don’t be nervous” is no more qualified to give you psycho-somatic advice than a poor person is to give you advice about money.

Here’s a better pointer: BE NERVOUS. If you’re feeling it, then really feel it. Breathe your breath into it and accept that feeling as all that exists.

Because until you accept what is there, there will never really be room for anything else.



The World is a Reflection of You!

However you view yourself, that is how you will view the world, and vice versa!

If you think the world sucks, then you may have not yet admitted that you feel the same way about yourself.

Now, just because you FEEL this way, doesn’t mean that it must be permanent.

In fact,  according to a lot of the newest research, feelings/emotions only really last for around 4 seconds.

Feelings FEEL like that’s all there will ever be while they’re happening, but, of course, they always give way to new feelings.

So recognize all this for what it is.

You feelings/emotions are a message.

They’re a direct response based on your current interpretation of events. And you will be held accountable for what you “know.”

For example, if I “Know” that I should be doing my homework and studying for a big test coming up, but I’m choosing NOT to do this, there’s probably no way I’ll feel at my peak emotional enjoyment state.

I can try to pretend that nothing is wrong or that it’s not that important, but deep down, your emotions always tell the truth based on what you believe.

So accept it! Accept your emotions right where they’re at, because they are exactly the emotions/feelings you should be feeling right now based on your current interpretation of the world.

And remember to keep learning and growing and surrounding yourself with people who already have the results you’re looking for.

Because it could be that your current “interpretation” of circumstances and “reality” is the problem—–not the emotions.



What You Resist Persists

It can be extremely counter-intuitive, but, it’s one of the most profound quotes I’ve heard in my life. It actually comes from Taoist philosophy.

For example, John Selby, in his book Quiet Your Mind talks about one of the most common ways that people become phobic and afraid or dogs, airplanes, or any number of situations or scenarios, is by allowing their mind to BEGIN the “movie in their head” of the dog biting them, or the airplane crashing, but they immediately RESIST that fear and try to stop the movie. He goes on to explain that when we allow ourselves to actually play out the entire scenario, with the dog ripping our head off, or the plane going down and an explosive death resulting, that our mind can finally realize that that feared situation is highly unlikely, and maybe even a bit humorous when we think about it and the reality. Therefore, once our mind recognizes that the feared scenario is so ridiculous, especially after repeating the same scenario ALL THE WAY TO THE MOST FEARED CIRCUMSTANCE in our heads, our mind also recognizes that there is no longer a need to resist the fear, and like magic, the fear dissipates.

Another common example:

A man sees an attractive woman and is interested, so he starts to approach her. But on his way over to her, he realizes that he doesn’t do this often so his mind tries to think of all the possible scenarios and, inevitably, most if not all of those scenarios are negative. He resists the negative thoughts, but instead of going away, they become stronger. The negative thoughts want to be heard now that he’s dedicating all this energy to resisting them! And, of course, he creeps her out because he’s using so much energy to resist the negative scenarios in his head that he is unable to be present to the moment and express his true self.

If the man hadn’t resisted the thoughts, what would have happened? Well, he’d allow the thoughts to pass through him, accepting them exactly for what they were, just thoughts, nothing more, and when he makes it over to the woman, he’s accepted whatever scenario may happen, he’s relaxed and present, and is able to express himself and have a positive interaction. After the couple hit it off, they start dating, eventually marry, and have a kid who becomes president of the United States.

Ok, well, maybe not that, but everybody loves a happy ending.

So when life is throwing you shit, which life will inevitably do, say yes to it. Just say, ok shit, I acknowledge you for what you are, I welcome you. And magically, the problems more often than not turn into way less of a big deal. They don’t necessarily disappear right away, but now you’re relaxed, you have all your mental resources since you’re not wasting most of your precious energy resisting the problems!

What you resist persists.

So welcome it. Whatever it may be for you.

Welcome it in this moment right now. Not forever, just for this one moment.

Breathe into it.

You’ll be surprised by what happens.