What Can You Do That You Love To Do?


When you know what you love to do, and you do that as much as you possibly can, your quality of life increases.

What brings you energy?

Is it eating healthy?
Taking a walk?
Texting a friend a silly joke?
Envisioning/Daydreaming about an awesome future?
Hot yoga?
Posting statuses on Facebook?
Making more sales calls?
Planning your future, listing your goals?
Crossing of items from your Action List (some people call it a “to-do list”)
Bringing your awareness to your heart and feeling gratitude?
Soul-gazing with a friend?
Making Mary Jane Bulletproof coffee?
Expressing your uncomfortable emotions and crying it out?
Taking cool classes? (Toastmasters is an awesome club I’ve been enjoying lately)
Experimenting with different modalities of healing, like acupuncture, massage therapy, reiki, etc.?
Watching Vine compilations?
Playing Lumosity?
Burning incense?
Drinking a delicious mug of hot tea?

How about what takes your energy?

Lack of clarity?
Unwillingness to express and feel/metabolize your uncomfortable emotions?
Too much Mary Jane Bulletproof coffee ;-)?
Eating unhealthily?
Say yes when you would rather say no?
Saying no when you would rather say yes?
Mindlessly scanning facebook or youtube?
Procrastinating important things?
Self-doubt when you could be reading?

When we compile our own lists of what brings us joy and energy vs what drains us, it gives a lot of clarity to our lives and reminds us that life can be really simple:

Just do more of what fuels you, less of what drains you.

And cry it out when you need to, even if that means every day most days.

That’s it. That’s how to life. Now you know.

Life is uncomfortable.

We can either accept the discomfort as a gift from the universe, urging us onto our soulpath, or we can resist it until we die.

When I look around, I see Nature with way too much design, too much love, too much perfection and purpose, too much jubilant expression and celebration to believe that this universe I’m a part of doesn’t also have an awesome purpose for me.

That’s just me.

Thank you so much for reading. Please take a few minutes to write down 5 things which you love to do (drink hot tea, take a walk, dance, sing, etc) and 5 things which drain you.

Grab out a blank sheet of paper and just take 60 seconds to do it.

You’ll be grateful for the clarity and renewal this simple action can bring.



There Is No Finish Line!

You’re going to have to exercise for the rest of your life.

To eat right, to sleep right, to work hard, to struggle in learning, to read books, to resolve conflicts in relationships, to manage your money properly, to meditate, to breathe…

To take on even bigger challenges and risks.

You. Will. Never. Be. Done.

So are you doing what fuels you? Do you even know what it is that fuels you? That gives you more passion, more peace and freedom, deeper connections?

Do you know what drains you?

When you keep this list written down somewhere, you’re identity has a chance to flourish.

Life is too fucking hard not to know what you want and be moving toward it.

If you feel like you’re barely treading water (in life), chances are you’re just not as clear as you need to be on your values and what fuels vs drains you.

A lot of this could even be the food you’re putting (or not putting) in your body. For me, gluten makes me tired and irritable as hell. So does refined sugar and alcohol. I’m still going to be alive for the next few days after those decisions, and dealing with the consequences is not even worth it for me anymore.

I’d rather have my energy.

So, if there is no finish line, if we’ll never be done in life, what is it that keeps us moving forward making these difficult decisions every day and taking the ¬†short-term pain upfront?

Avoiding long-term pain can be one powerful reason, but who wants to live a life only for that? Not me.

Even after getting great results for a while, like making more money than ever before or hooking up with a hotter girl than ever before or having threesomes or whatever, eventually the newness fades from that and we’re once again left alone.

You’ve got to have something bigger than yourself that you’re living for. You’ve got to be giving back in a special way that energizes you. That’s the key. That’s something worth growing for.

If you want contentment, fulfillment, serenity, happiness, you’ve got to be giving back to your fellow earth dwellers. That’s where the fulfillment ultimately lies. I’m not necessarily talking about charity, by the way. If charity fires you up, then do it, but usually that’s not what energizes me the most. I’m talking about offering real value paid or unpaid, but something that is real and helps somebody you love.

I think one of life’s most important questions is: Who do I want to help? Whose life can I make a little bit better today?

When you’re focused on what you can do for others, you don’t really want there to be a finish line.

In fact, helping others may be the most selfish thing you can do. It feels fucking awesome.