Incredible Life Coach

“Aaron is an incredible coach and is naturally compassionate. He asks questions that help you access the root of your issues so you can identify and work on them. He helps you to delve deep within yourself in order to sit with and understand your true feelings. He has helped me immensely in my journey towards self love and growth.”
Christian C. January 20th, 2017

From Overwhelm to High Performance

“I hired Aaron to help me navigate my busy personal and professional life. I am health coach with a full-time working wife and 3 preschool kids; my life was utter chaos. I expected Aaron to point out my problems and tell me all that I am doing wrong. But it was quite the opposite; he asked the right questions, providing an experience to look inwards into deeply rooted emotions that were preventing me from a high performance, low-stress lifestyle. He helped me identify key triggers that lead up to what catapulted me to “overwhelming stress.” Now I catch myself before the stress and get back into peace and freedom that provides my foundation to perform my best.”
– Trey T.  January 20th, 2017

August 8th, 2017

“I met with Aaron for four individual coaching sessions in May and June of 2016, to address some specific issues that had me feeling stuck. Eating smart on my own was one of them. Through non-judgmental curiosity, Aaron and I were able to identify solutions that would work for me. Aaron was respectful, communicative, and inspiring in our interactions, and my sessions with him helped me identify actions I could take to make changes I wanted.

Coaching sessions with Aaron offer personalized guidance and deep attention. Aaron Zauber brings authentic presence and deep awareness to the truth of the moment, to inspire healing and integration. I whole-heartedly recommend coaching sessions with Aaron for those seeking personalized guidance through coaching.”
-Michelle Kelleher